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Talent Evaluation and Management

We all are “unique” individuals and blessed to be so. It would be really great if someone could tell me in which way am I “unique”. Going a step further, I would be elated if someone could really help me understand what I am good at, what my strengths are, what talents I have and how I can leverage my strengths to utilize them to the maximum. What I need are insights that will help me awaken to my potential.

We at MyTalentFit Solutions understand this and bring you a comprehensive Talent evaluation program which would help you take informed decisions in your education and/or career.

Talent Evaluation services -Talent Management, Goal Setting, self-awareness, Self-management

This Talent evaluation program is designed to create a completely customized profile. This is one of the most sophisticated and innovative evaluation programs available based on multiple intelligence and psychometry. It has scientifically developed modules which measure an individual on multiple intelligences, aptitude and personality traits. Once a person completes the assessment they get their Talent profile. Soon after this our expert counselor sets up a meeting with the individual for a personalized counseling and walkthrough session. This one-on-one session will help the person understand their Talent and strengths which guidesthem in having a career path which takes advantage of their aptitude and personality.

  1. Identifying unique strengths (aptitude, skills, personality)
  2. Knowing challenges, if any
  3. Understanding life skill recommendations
  4. Perception and factual difference on various multiple intelligence parameters
  5. Personal counseling session with expert multiple intelligence counselor

Our program helps students to identify their core strengths in terms of their Personality, Aptitude and Skills. We also help them understand their best learning style; like visual, audio or kinesthetic. Based on the results of our evaluation, we recommend various practical ways improving their study and learning habits. This helps them to focus and learn in a way that is fun and aligned with their personality and learning style, which leads to less stress and more relaxation.
Our Talent Evaluation Programs are designed for below important milestones keeping in mind the importance of education and career decisions,

  • Talent Evaluation Program for school students (9th & 10th std.)
  • Talent Evaluation Program for college Students (11th & 12th std.)
  • Talent Evaluation Program for Graduates & above

We offer following program for professionals:

  • Talent Premium Evaluation Program for individuals with career issues / problems or those who are seeking a change in their job / career.
  • Talent Evaluation Program for individuals seeking to understand their unique strengths

These Talent Evaluation Programs are at basic and premium levels depending on the need of the individual. We recommend a discussion with our expert counselors to takea decision on which program to enroll.

Be it job or a career, taking the right decision at the right time is important. The first step towards this is to evaluate your skills, understand your strengths, get guidance from a career counselor, take an informed decision and move forward with confidence!
Remember it will always be your own decision; hence let it be a wise and rational one.

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