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We counsel individuals in talent evaluation and career success. counsel school and college students in career and talent evaluation. conduct talent evaluation & career success programs in schools & colleges. counsel individuals to realize their unique talent and strengths. counsel individuals on career change and career decisions.


MyTalentFit Solutions works in the education and employability skills sector with schools, colleges and corporate organizations.

We follow a scientific approach based on Multiple Intelligence ( MI) and psychometric evaluations which guides and counsels individuals in taking a well informed decision about their life and careers.

Talent Evaluation Management in Pune

Talent Evaluation and Management

We at MyTalentFit Solutions understand this and bring you a comprehensive Talent evaluation program which would help…

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Career counseling service center in Pune

Career Counselling & Success

Our Career counselling sessions helps individuals recognize and understand their strengths, makes them aware of their unique personality traits.

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Life skills recommendations education in Pune

Challenges and Life Skill Recommendations

Our detailed challenges and life skill recommendations, help individual make the right change in their mindset…

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employability worksheets for adults in Pune

“We have conducted many successful talent evaluation and career success programs for schools and colleges as well as individuals”

Sumit Dharwadkar, Founder and CEO


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