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Talent Evaluation & Career Counselling Program For A Highly Reputed School – Mumbai

Talent Evaluation & Career Counselling Program For A Highly Reputed School – Mumbai 26/09/2017Leave a comment
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We conducted talent evaluation and management for a very reputed school for 10th std students in Mumbai.

It was 3 hrs. of detailed talent evaluation program using Multiple Intelligence + psychometry, covering aptitude, personality traits, skills, perception and factual gap analysis etc. All these modules were having strict time criteria.

Coverage: 10th standard students. Around 90 students were covered.

Mode: While we have a online mechanism; for this program we were told to conduct it manually.

Post exercise: Information fed into system and each evaluation report studied in detail. The reports were quite interesting, some excelled in numerical ability, some in linguistics, some were very good in reasoning while some in verbal.

Counselling sessions: Conducted parental and student counselling sessions in 3 sessions. One on one counselling sessions with parents and student were also done.

The students were very happy to receive their talent evaluation reports and post-counselling were happy to understand their strengths esp. regarding their aptitude, personality traits, the self image they carry, what they perceive themselves to be good at and what they really are good at. The challenges, life skill & career recommendations etc.

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