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Employability – a set of achievements – skills, understandings and personal attributes – that make graduates more likely to gain employment and be successful in their chosen occupations, which benefits themselves, the workforce, the community and the economy. – Professor MantzYorke (2004)

We work with organizations to profile their employees and help them understand the strengths of their workforce. We also work with them in identifying the right combination of employable skills in their teams and advise them on the right talent fit for their teams.

communication and employability skills for it in Pune
Employability is not: Employability is:
Simply Getting A Job Ongoing Success For Now And In The Future, Whatever Career Or Career(S) A Student Chooses
A List Of Skills That Can Be ‘Taught’ Drawing On A Range Of Skills, Abilities And Attributes That Are Developed In A Whole Range Of Settings And That Vary From Individual To Individual
The Sole Responsibility Of The Careers Service And The Employability Consultancy A University-Wide Responsibility
The Same As Personal Development  Planning (PDP) An Ongoing Developmental Process That Benefits From Active Reflection
Something New More Important Now Than Ever Before In Light Of The World Graduates Are Entering

Source :  http://www.ed.ac.uk

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