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About Us

MyTalentFit Solutions works in the education and employability skills sector with schools, colleges and corporate organizations. Our areas of expertise include:

Talent evaluation and management,
Career counselling and success etc….
Challenges and life skill recommendations and

A team of professional counsellors & talent evaluators

We highly value the trust and confidentiality our clients keep in us.

We follow a scientific approach based on Multiple Intelligence ( MI) and psychometric evaluations which guides and counsels individuals in taking a well informed decision about their life and careers. We follow strength based process whereby a person’s strengths in terms of personality, talent, aptitude and skills are identified.

MyTalentFit believes that every individual is gifted with unique talent and aptitude and we strive to enable each individual to identify their strengths and embark on the career which brings them happiness and success. We provide Individual counseling which helps people understand their strongest talents; build a confident personality and develop the right attitude. We connect individuals totheir unique talent which allows them to manage and handle challenging life and career situations with courage and confidence.

We have conducted many successful program in talent evaluation and career success.
Our experienced and professional career counselling experts are always here to help
Our talent evaluation program ensures that you realize your unique talent & strengths

Our MyTalentFit Team is home to counselling experts who uphold the commitment to trust, integrity and confidentiality and are with you throughout your journey to a successful and happy career.

Whether it is a job or career, MyTalentFit will counsel and guide you to unlock your unique talent and strengths which you would utilize for a happy and successful career. Get in touch today and meet our experienced counselling team.

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